Why Is Limestone Such An Attractive Building Material?

Limestone is one of the often-overlooked stones in a world of granite and marble home and construction materials. Despite this fact, limestone has many benefits to offer homebuilders from construction to finishes. These are just a few great reasons home builders might want to rethink limestone in the construction process.

Durable Construction Materials

Limestone is so durable it was once used to cover the Great Pyramid. In fact, estimations are that 5.5 million tons of limestone were used to create the pyramid. Unfortunately, they were later removed for use on mosques and fortresses (yet another testament to their strength and durability) in Cairo. The takeaway from this fact is that these stones are meant to last on any building project.

Limestone is Versatile

You will have a difficult time finding building materials with greater versatility. Limestone can be used for many different functions, including:

  • Flooring tiles
  • Retaining walls
  • Paving tiles
  • Stone cladding and accent walls
  • Blocks or bricks for building
  • Custom touches on homes (door surrounds, fountains, columns, etc.)
  • Kitchen and bathroom countertops
  • Fireplaces

Part of the reason for this versatility is that limestone is resistant to corrosion, strong, and durable.

Affordable Option for Timeless Beauty

There is no denying that limestone is beautiful. That is why it is used in so many finishing touches for construction around the world — not to mention in fountains and stunning columns. However, because it is so widely available for use, it is also affordable, making it a cost-effective choice for homeowners who want their homes to look expensive without really paying extra for the benefit.

Easy to Maintain for All Purposes

Whether you're using your limestone on your home's exterior or you're using limestone flooring tiles or countertops inside your home, the maintenance is simple to do with easy-to-follow instructions. For exterior limestone, maintenance requires an occasional touchup with a special limestone cleaning solution and a cloth. For your home's interior surfaces, you might want to consider having your floors or countertops sealed, as needed, to avoid stains, spills, scrapes, etc.

For the most part, limestone is the perfect building material for modern homes. It offers affordable elegance and sophistication without the hefty price tag associated with more in-demand or limited supply materials that are commonly used for modern appeal in home construction. More importantly, it is a beautiful material that while commonly available, still looks new and unique. In other words, it's not the same old exterior or interior touches everyone else has in their homes. To learn more about building with limestone, contact a company like Small's Sand Gravel Inc.