How To Stay Out In Front Of Steel Building Repair Issues

Steel building repair work is a near-inevitable fact of owning such a structure. There are, however, a few things you can do to mitigate risks and make sure steel building damage repair problems are addressed quickly when they appear.

Keep Plant Growth Away from Buildings

Plants that get too close to steel structures can damage them in a multitude of ways. First, it's common for them to redirect water onto the building. Second, things like tree limbs can significantly damage structures. Finally, sap and other fluids from the plants can encourage corrosion.

Make sure all plants are at least 10 feet away from the building to minimize risks. This is especially the case in high-wind regions.

Look for Dents

It's particularly smart to keep an eye out for dents in the roof. Even if a dent isn't immediately visible from the ground, it may be identifiable after a rainstorm because the dent will give the water a place to puddle. Water can collect in these dips, leading corrosion to rapidly accelerate.

Maintain a Detailed Repair Log

Over time, the cumulative effects of steel building repair projects will compromise the structure. Especially if a job required patching damaged spots by using plating and either rivets or welds, you'll want to know where and when that was done. As patches accumulate, there will come a time when replacing whole panels will be worth the effort.

Check Around Pipes, Vents, HVAC Components, and Other Attached Items

Condensation and dirt will form around these spots, and that provides an ideal environment for rust to build up. Look around these locations, and make sure to perform thorough cleaning and maintenance work on a regular schedule.

Paint Quickly when Small Chips Appear

Applying a good coat of paint is one of the best steel building damage repair tricks around. If you see scratches, gouges, or chips in the surface of the structure, have it painted immediately. A bit of touchup work done within a few days of seeing damage can save much more in repair bills later.

Take All Frame Damage Seriously

Damage of any kind to the building's frame should be a source of major concern. If a vehicle backs into the frame and dents it, for example, don't assume it's just a little ding. Small compromises can give way to pressure suddenly. For example, you might not notice the extent of the frame problem until there's snow on the roof.

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