Airstream Renovations And Restoring The Metalwork On Your RV To Give It That Pristine Look Again

If you are planning on restoring an Airstream RV, then there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Some of this work includes repairing damage to the exterior. The problem is that the materials on these vehicles are polished metal, and you want to make sure that metalwork is done right to get your RV back to its pristine condition. The following information will help you with restoring the metalwork of your RV's exterior to make it look like new again:

1. Inspection Of The Metalwork On The Exterior Of Your RV To Identify Damage That Needs To Be Repaired

Begin by inspecting the damage on the exterior of your RV to determine the repairs that are going to be needed. You will want to look for problems with corrosion and serious damage that needs to be professionally repaired first. In addition, look for the dents and dings that you will need to repair during the renovations.

2. Checking The Interior Metal Framework That Supports The Exterior Finish For Damage That Needs Repairs

The interior metal framework can also be damaged and cause problems with the exterior finish. Therefore, during the renovations, you are going to want to check the frame of the RV for damage when you have gutted the interior. Repair any supports before repairing the damage to the exterior in the same areas. This will ensure damage does not return after you have done repairs to the exterior metalwork.

3. Removing Corroded And Severely Damage Metal Materials That Need To Be Replaced

The metalwork on Airstream RVs can also corrode, which can cause serious problems and cannot be repaired with filler or patches. Therefore, you will need professional help replacing the corroded metal panels. You will want to replace any metal that has severe corrosion or other damage that cannot easily be repaired.

4. Repairing The Dents and Dings Before Polishing The Exterior Metalwork To Give It A Shine Again

The dents and dings in the metalwork of your RV can also be a problem. You can use a ball-pen hammer to try to remove some of the dents from the inside or use a paintless dent repair kit to try to pull the damage out. If you do not feel comfortable doing this or cannot get the repairs done correctly, contact an Airstream restoration service for help with the repairs before polishing the finish to complete the restorations of your RV.

These are some of the things that you will want to do to restore the metalwork of the exterior of your RV. If you are ready to start restoring your RV, contact an Airstream restoration company.