Having Your Outdoor Court Resurfaced

For individuals that enjoy playing tennis or basketball, the addition of a paved court can greatly improve their enjoyment from their property. However, these courts will need to undergo some regular maintenance if they are to remain suitable for your activities. In particular, the resurfacing of the court is a step that will often be needed for a few common reasons.

Excessive Cracking

As with any other type of paved surface, there is a likelihood that your outdoor court will eventually start to develop excessive cracking. This can reduce the aesthetics of your outdoor court while also potentially making it less safe for you to use. For example, these cracks could make it easier for you to trip or slip while you are playing tennis or basketball. Resurfacing the court will address this problem, as it will often involve removing the surface layer so that a fresh coating of pavement can be applied.

Color Fading

Most activities that will require a paved court will also need the court to have markings on it that will mark the areas of the court that are out of bounds as well as any other information that is critical to the game. This fading is inevitable due to the bleaching that ultraviolet light can do. Those living in areas with snowfall can also find that the prolonged moisture exposure that these accumulations can cause may also contribute to the color fading. Additionally, this fading can also cause the court to look less attractive on your property. Resurfacing the pavement will replace the faded top layer of the court with a fresh coating that will have a richer color.

Upgrading To Cushioning Materials

Tennis, basketball, and other sports that are done on paved courts can actually be somewhat hard on the joints. This is due to the force of impact that is generated by running, jumping, and planting your feet. Fortunately, there are court surfacing options that are designed to provide cushioning. These surfaces can reduce the amount of force that your joints have to experience while still retaining the firmness and traction that is needed for you to play your sport. Additionally, these surfacing options are often made from recycled rubber or other highly durable materials, and this can make this option easy to maintain. Generally, this type of finish will only need to be periodically pressure washed in order to keep it in excellent condition. Failing to pressure wash the surface every few weeks could allow algae to growth that may reduce your traction.

For more information about outdoor court resurfacing services, contact a local resurfacing professional.