River Rocks Can Be Used For Various Property Upgrades

River rocks are a long term solution to drainage issues, barren property, or the lack of barriers that separate two distinct features. River rocks possess a smooth surface, which is the result of water moving swiftly over them while they are in their natural surroundings. Choose a series of rocks that can be used to create several distinct areas outdoors, each with their own purpose.

A Scale From Small To Large

River rocks can be small in size, similar to the size of a tumbled stone or a piece of coal, or much larger, similar to the size of a baked potato. There are also many sizes in between the small to large range, allowing you to pick a series of rocks that will work well in a specific area that is bordered by other natural features.

Earth tones are prevalent with this type of landscaping material, and if you are going to have a few landscaping projects completed on your land, you can order a large group of rocks through your contractor. 

Improved Drainage And Better Traction

Slick surfaces that contain compact soil can become slippery during rainy seasons, and puddling may have you researching various drainage setups that will keep the property dry. Instead of digging up your land and having an expensive drainage system installed underground, use a couple layers of river rocks to improve drainage and traction.

Rocks will make a great addition to a bare section of your property that borders the stoop leading into the rear of your home or the indented portion of the ground that is directly underneath your residence's downspout. There is nothing needed to secure river rocks other than your creativity and some pressure that is applied with the back of your hand. Use a group of rocks that are the same color and size or attempt to create a pattern by laying out a series of rocks that are grouped together, based upon their color and size.

Textured Borders

Textured rock borders will add interest between two separate features on your property, and you won't need to do a lot of prep work to complete the upgrade. A vegetable garden next to a play area that is designated for your child or a composting bin that is next to stacked firewood can be improved with the addition of a textured border. Decide how wide or narrow the border will be, and choose a design layout, will involve lining up various rocks across the property, to create a path-like surface.

For more information on river rocks, contact a local landscape materials company such as A & A Materials.