Concrete Lifting Is Quicker And Easier Than Replacing A Sunken Concrete Slab

Concrete lifting is a way of raising a sunken area of a concrete driveway, patio, or staircase. This type of concrete repair can be done with a cement slurry or with polyurethane foam. These methods are known as mudjacking and poly jacking. Since both are effective but they are different materials, you may wonder which is right for your project. Here's a look at how these methods of concrete lifting compare.

Mudjacking Is Usually Less Expensive

Mudjacking uses a slurry mixture that resembles mud to lift concrete. The slurry is pumped under the sunken area through holes drilled in the concrete. Mudjacking is the less expensive option of concrete repair, but it's not always the best option for unstable soil.

Mudjacking can be a little messy, and it might not provide enough support for heavy slabs. However, mudjacking could be ideal for most residential uses. It's been used for decades and has a history of being an effective way to lift foundations, sidewalks, and other concrete slabs on your property. Plus, since it's less expensive, it might be your preferred choice.

Poly Jacking Cures Fast

Poly jacking is also inserted under concrete slabs by injecting it through small holes. The material is a liquid when it's injected so it can flow into depressions in the soil and into holes and cracks in the concrete. The liquid expands rapidly, and then it hardens. The slurry used in mudjacking cures quickly, but foam cures even faster. This makes foam a good choice if you need to use the repaired area in a hurry.

Foam jacking costs more, but it could also last longer. It's also strong, so it offers excellent support for heavy loads. It can be used to fill and stabilize soil for construction projects as well as repair concrete for residential purposes.

Concrete lifting isn't too disruptive, no matter which material is used. There will be holes in the concrete, but the holes will be patched over once the slab is level. With the slab stabilized, further damage is halted and you'll eliminate a trip hazard on your property. Sunken porch steps or a sunken patio edge might seem like a hopeless problem, but you may not have to tear out the damaged area and replace it when concrete lifting can fix sunken concrete much quicker and with less disruption.

Both types of concrete lifting raise sunken areas of concrete, fill compacted soil voids, and level out concrete slabs. The contractor you choose may have a preferred method of concrete lifting that they offer, but if they offer both, you should discuss the pros and cons of each so you select the right method for your needs and your budget.