4 Reasons You Might Need A Roofing Contractor In Winter

While owning a home is probably every person's greatest joy and success, it comes with its fair share of responsibilities. You probably prepared your roof adequately ahead of winter to avoid mishaps and keep it in shape for the entire season. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan. Before writing off that winter schedule with your roofing contractor, you might want to read through these major reasons that demand the expertise of a roofer.

1. Ice Dams Cause Leaks

Winter seasons test your roof's integrity unlike any other time of the year. You have probably experienced ice and snow dams in the past winter months. They are formed when melted ice and snow seep into the roof's inner structures and refreeze after temperatures go low, forcing the shingles to burst open and lead to leaks. If left unattended, the ice dams can cause severe and expensive water damage and leaks. Consider calling in a roofing contractor to replace the ice and water barrier on your roof and avoid problematic ice dams.

2. Saves Money

With most roofing projects and preparations taking place before winter, the winter period is often termed as low-season for most roofing contractors. High chances are you will save a few dollars scheduling roofing projects during the winter months. For the same reasons, you could benefit from quick scheduling and minor repair services at better prices. Therefore, you could choose to take advantage of the fair pricing and hire them for various roof repairs.

3. Winter Conditions May Worsen the State of Your Roof

Storms, ice, and snow during winter can worsen your roofing system's condition. Damaged, missing, or lost shingles will invite more trouble into your home compared to other seasons. They are the perfect entry point for water to seep in and encourage mold growth, leaks, and rot. Schedule maintenance and inspection to detect these minor problems. It is advisable to repair them immediately. Winter conditions shouldn't deter roofing contractors from performing minor repairs.

4. Some Roofing Materials Are Easy to Install

If you are afraid of embarking on a roof replacement project during winter, there's good news. Typically, roofing contractors can install certain roofing materials during the winter seasons. Metal roofs and asphalt shingles can comfortably be installed, provided the roofing contractors take necessary precautions not to harm themselves and avoid damaging the shingles. Other options include flat roof systems.

Are you skeptical about undertaking a roofing project during the winter? Speak to a local roofing contractor to explore your options and help you make an informed decision.