Tips For Having A Roof Replacement Done During Hurricane Season

If you need to have a roof replacement done during hurricane season, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Dealing with hurricane season is always tough for those who live in hurricane-prone areas, and replacing a roof can be a big undertaking at any time. Your roof replacement can be made a bit easier and a lot more successful if you follow these tips, though.

Find Out if Your Insurance Will Pay For It

A hurricane might have already passed through your area during this hurricane season, and this might be why you're thinking about replacing your roof. A large tree limb might have fallen on your home and caused serious roofing damage, or the high winds might have blown off a lot of your shingles. If you need to replace your roof because of a hurricane that has already caused damage to your home, you should look into filing a claim with your homeowner's insurance company. After all, your policy might cover the hurricane-related damage, as long as your roof was not excluded from your policy due to its prior age and condition. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Have it Done Early in the Season

If it's still early in the hurricane season, you may want to prioritize having your roof replaced as soon as you can. One reason why you might be thinking about replacing your roof in the first place could be because you fear that it's not in good enough condition to be able to withstand high winds and other conditions that go along with tropical storms and hurricanes. If this is the case, then you'll definitely want to have the replacement done early in the season so you'll be prepared for any bad storms that might head your way.

Watch the Weather

Your home will be vulnerable when your existing roof is being torn off and replaced. You and your roofing professional should pay attention to the weather forecast to be sure that there isn't a tropical system heading your way. Hopefully, your roofing crew will work quickly so that your home will not be at risk for too long.

Choose the Right Roofing Material

It's definitely wise to think about future hurricanes when you're having your roof replaced. Having it replaced with metal roofing, for example, is a good way to be sure you're prepared for future storms.