How Do Professional Contractors Evaluate A Lot For Repairs Or Repaving?

Old, damaged asphalt is unsightly and can create hazards for vehicles and pedestrians. Every business must occasionally address issues with their parking lots, either performing spot repairs as needed or replacing the pavement across the entire surface. Either case typically starts with a formal evaluation by a contractor to determine the details and scope of the project.

While you should conduct routine evaluations of your parking lot to look for problems, you should always rely on professionals for more formal inspections before any significant project. This process is necessary to discover all the issues affecting your lot and provide you with an accurate estimate.

What's Involved in a Standard Evaluation?

A parking lot evaluation usually includes a complete walk-around of your lot, assisted by a map of the property. During this process, the contractor will look for common signs of wear, damage, and issues that may cause future problems with your lot. They will also evaluate the condition of the asphalt surface to determine if it's nearing the end of its lifespan.

Along the way, your contractor will mark problems on their map and conduct measurements where necessary. The goal is to determine precisely where you'll need to take action to restore your lot's functionality and appearance. These precise measurements will also help your paving contractor provide you with an accurate cost and time estimate for the job.

These measurements do more than just highlight problems, however. Your contractor will also be determining the extent of each area that needs repair or repaving. For example, it may be necessary to replace a more substantial section of asphalt around potholes to address nearby drainage issues or other problems that caused the hole in the first place.

How Does An Evaluation Help You?

A thorough evaluation is about more than just providing a price quote before a job. Understanding exactly where your lot may be failing can help you make better decisions about your next steps. You may find that conducting individual repairs simply isn't cost-effective, in which case tearing up and repaving the lot may be a better long-term solution.

You'll also be able to see where your parking lot may have deeper issues, such as drainage problems, that can cause additional and costly failures. Attempting repairs without first addressing deeper issues can cause your existing problems to return quickly. Finding and fixing these issues before you repair or repave your lot will help save you money on maintaining your lot in the future.

A complete evaluation by an expert contractor is essential to understanding the condition of your lot so you can make an informed choice about how to restore its functionality. This crucial step helps to ensure a successful and on-time parking lot paving project.