Things To Consider When Selecting New Siding For Your Home

Replacing the siding on your home is an excellent way to update the look of the house and add weather protection with lower maintenance requirements at the same time. Working with a siding installation contractor to replace the aging siding is a good investment in your home that can also raise the value if you decide to sell later. 

Siding Materials

There are a variety of siding materials you can choose from for your home, but some are more durable and have a longer life expectancy than others. Wood siding can be beautiful if appropriately maintained but may not last as long as other manufactured materials. 

Aluminum siding is also an option, though it is not as popular as it was at one time. It is incredibly durable but more challenging to work with than other siding materials because the contractor needs special tools to cut and bend the metal as it is installed on the home.

Vinyl siding is very popular, and it offers some great features like durability and does not require painting or a lot of maintenance over time. When installed correctly on the house, it will far outlast traditional siding materials, and you can choose the siding color and texture when you purchase it. 

Siding Installation

New siding installation can be a big job, and if you are comfortable with that type of work, you may be able to install the material yourself. For most homeowners, hiring a siding installation contractor to remove the old siding, replace the vapor barrier under it, make any repairs necessary, and install the new siding is the most efficient way to go.

On large homes, the job can take some time, and often the amount of debris created as the old siding is removed requires a dump truck or construction dumpster to clear from the site. The siding material coming off the house is often not suitable for much, but if you remove aluminum siding, you may want to take it to a local scrap dealer and sell it for scrap. The metal is not worth a lot, but scraping it ensures it makes it into the recycling system, and even a small amount of money from the old material can help offset the cost of the new siding. 

The type of siding you choose for your home can also play a role in the installation process and time. A siding contractor that works with vinyl siding can quickly put it on the house, but wood siding will take longer to install, and it will require painting once it is on the house. Talk with your siding installation contractor about the benefits and concerns of different siding options so you can make an informed decision.