4 Creative Ideas For Customizing Your New Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most exciting parts about customizing your kitchen cabinets is picking out all of the features you have dreamed about. However, you need to know what is possible in order to come up with a plan. Here are some creative ideas that you can build into your kitchen cabinets.

Corner Cabinet Drawers

A place that often has wasted space in your kitchen is the corner cabinets underneath your countertop. The space is very big and difficult to get into, which causes it to either not be used or a place where things go to get lost forever. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be that way. It's possible to install corner cabinets that are actually drawers. This gives you full access to the entire space under the counter in a way that you can pull out the contents without getting on the floor to dig around inside. 

Built-in Spice Drawer

The spice rack is a feature of every kitchen, with it often being on the counter. However, that takes up counter space that is wasted on something you likely don't use every single day. A spice drawer is a creative way to solve this problem. It's done by creating a very thin drawer that contains a rack on the inside. You can then place the spices in a way that you can see and reach all of them. Simply pull the drawer out when you need to grab something, and push it back in when you're done. The thin nature of the drawer means that it's not taking up much space that can go to other cabinets.

Knife Block Drawer

Another common item that sits on the countertop is the knife block, which makes all your knives easily accessible. You may not have thought of making the knife block into something horizontal that fits in a drawer. By creating a knife block drawer, you keep all those knives in a safe place where kids can't easily reach them. It also moves them out of the way to give you back that valuable counter space. 

Layered Utensil Drawers

An issue people frequently run into with utensils is that they take up very little vertical space, but often consume a very deep drawer. You end up with utensils that are just a mess when it comes to finding something with a lot of wasted cabinet space. You can actually create a layered utensil drawer where a tray can slide back to reveal a second tray underneath. It's a great way to stay organized and make use of a deep drawer. 

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