Repairs That Your Septic Tank Drainfield May Require

The drainfield is an essential part of your septic system because it allows the water from the tank to drain out. Unfortunately, you are likely to face a range of drainfield problems over the time that you live in your house.   

Clogged Drainfield Lines

The drainfield is comprised of a large network of pipes. These pipes have small holes in them that allow the water from the septic tank to be released over a larger area. As a result, the water can dissipate into the soil more effectively while minimizing the amount of erosion that occurs or the risk of a large standing puddle forming. Unfortunately, sections of these pipes can become clogged, and this could lead to a decreased ability of the drainfield to release the water from the septic tank as well as a greater risk of the distribution of water being excessive in other areas of the system.

Soil Erosion

Depending on the terrain and the type of soil that is in your yard, there may be a much greater risk of the ground near the drainfield developing erosion problems. Unfortunately, this can be a very problematic issue due to the fact that the soil provides important support for these pipes. If it starts to erode away from under the pipes, there may be a lack of support that will cause the pipes to be more vulnerable to damage. Installing a gutter system in the area near the drainfield can alleviate drainage problems by providing a safe path for this water to take while minimizing the amount of erosion that occurs.

Roots Growing Through The Drainfield Lines

Roots are one of the most common sources of significant problems for a drainfield. If roots are able to grow into the lines, the flow of water can be blocked. In order to repair this problem, the area will need to be excavated so that the roots can be cut away from the drainfield line. Unfortunately, these roots can cause structural damage to the drain line, and if this has occurred, the section of it will also need to be replaced in order to fully restore it. While this is a major repair, you can limit the amount of excavation that will be needed and the risk of having to replace sections of the drain line by having this repair completed as soon as possible by a professional septic tank drainfield repair service provider.

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