Land Grading As A Risk-Mitigation Tool

Land grading is a useful tool for mitigating numerous risks on a property. If you've identified any of the following problems at a site, you may want to have a contractor help you with reshaping the soil.


Especially on properties with significant slopes, erosion can be an endless fight. However, land grading allows you to channel the runoff in a more structured way. You can ease the grade to reduce how much soil comes away every time there's rain. Also, you can shape the slopes to direct water to drainage systems. Overall, the erosion issues will be more predictable and less likely to cause catastrophes.

Better grading also permits more structured landscaping and hardscaping. Using the right plants, you can frequently reduce erosion by anchoring the soil. Similarly, features like retaining walls and terraces can slow runoff down.


In many cases, the inaccessibility of a location can be a hazard. This is especially true in emergency situations when poor access can hinder first responders. Even in urban settings, poor access can present problems.

A land grading contractor can help you to clear and even out spaces for roads, driveways, parking lots, and paths. They also can compact the soil to improve the location of a road base.

Slope Stabilization

In areas where dirt and rocks fall down slopes, stabilization is critical. Land grading can rid the area of exposed rocks. It also allows you to compact the soil to prevent dirt from falling down.

There may also be landslide risks on a property. Redoing the grade often mitigates these risks. Similarly, you may be able to use soil stabilization techniques and compaction to make a slope less worrisome.

Foundation Stability

Whenever you build a structure, there is a risk that the foundation could be unstable. In particular, the soil underneath the ground can pose numerous risks. For example, poorly compacted soil may slowly compact under the weight of the building. This can lead to subsidence, and the structure may collapse into the soil unevenly. In extreme cases, this process can collapse the whole structure.

Poorly compacted soil also can become a cavitation risk. If water has an easy time getting into the soil, it can erode the support from under the foundation.

Competent land grading also makes anchoring the foundation easier. The construction crew will be able to get through the soil with less trouble installing anchors to connect the foundation to the bedrock.

For more info, contact a land grading contractor.